Pro EU activist vows to defy news protesting rules

‘F**k the law!’ Pro-EU activist in Westminster has threatened to defy new protest rules.

Labour Leader Keir Starmer will not win election Len McCluskey

Former Unite Union Boss states ‘Keir will not win’ after ‘failing miserably’ as Labour leader. 

SNP MP Suspended Patrick Grady sexual misconduct

Sturgeon Remains Silent – Commons Watchdog recommends a 2 day suspension for SNP MP Patrick Grady after allegations of sexual misconduct by SNP staffer.

Postcode Lottery funding migrant charities Rwanda high court

Postcode Lottery close their phone lines after massive backlash from subscribers over their involvement with the Rwanda deportation row.

No Plan – Labour refuse to say where they would cut tax after claiming they are against Tory taxes.

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Back of the queue – Emmanuel Macron finally reaches out to Boris Johnson after snubbing the UK for 12 days in favour of Vladimir Putin and Joe Biden.

News Flash – Elon Musk states free speech is when “someone you don’t like is allowed to say something you don’t like.”

News Flash – Tory MP Steve Baker states if Boris Johnson was in any other post in government he would’ve been long gone.

News Flash – Nigel Farage calls out the Johnson family after a picture emerges with a statement saying they’ve just had lunch with the CCP.

Speaker Lindsay Hoyle accepts opposition MPs request for a vote on whether to send Boris Johnson to the parliamentary committee to see if he misled MPs over partygate.