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Dominic Cummings states Biden is “mentally frail” and “rubbish”

In part of the latest Substack from Dominic Cummings, he goes into what control the deepstate has, and if their is anyone out there that could control them.  During his substack post, the former ally to Boris Johnson, Dominic Cummings slams Biden saying he is rubbish, and if he was to die the VP would be even worse.  Dominic said:

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Whoopi Goldberg publicaly calls on the Royals to apologise over slavery.

The US talk show presenter Whoopi Goldberg has attacked the Royal Family over the Empire and Britain’s connections to the slave trade. Ms Goldberg slammed the United Kingdom for “ran ram shod over India for years.” Ms Goldberg’s remarks come as Prince William and Kate confront activists in Jamaica demanding reparations for enslavement.  “Let us not forget when we talk about what

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