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Nancy Pelosi taking orders from Sinn Fein

Nancy Pelosi accused of following orders from Sinn Fein, described as “fundamentally ignorant” by a UK official.

Nancy Pelosi and top Biden Democrats have been called “fundamentally ignorant” regarding Northern Ireland by senior UK Government officials who think they are getting orders from Sinn Fein. The UK government is “frustrated” by Ms Pelosi’s new involvement from Washington DC and as a key advisor to the Biden administration. It follows a determined campaign by top Democrats to undermine the UK Government, including threats to obstruct a

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Nancy Pelosi threatens Britain, leave the Northern Ireland protocol in place or Congress “will not support a bilateral free trade agreement with the United Kingdom.”

In a startling post on Twitter, the US speaker Nancy Pelosi claims the Brexit Protocol must stay in place so children of Northern Ireland don’t ever experience the “bloody conflict” of past times. Nancy Pelosi also stated that if the UK took unilateral action to amend the Northern Ireland Protocol then the US “Congress cannot and will not support a

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As the Partygate investigation comes to an end, it is unlikely that Boris Johnson will get any more fixed penalty notices. 

The Metropolitan Police stated the investigation into COVID violations in Whitehall is now complete, with 126 fixed penalty notices issued. Since this investigation is now over, and no new fixed-penalty notices sent to Boris Johnson regarding the Partygate scandal, the spotlight now turns to Labours Keir Starmer. The Met’s Acting Deputy Commissioner Helen Ball stated in a statement: “There is

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Opinion – They say nothing can be done to ease the cost of living crisis… Well I’m not buying that. 

They say nothing can be done to ease the ever-increasing cost of living crisis. Well, I’m not buying that. So many politicians are banging the same drum, repeating the same narrative, as if it’s the pre-scripted thing to say, “Nothing can be done to ease what’s happening because inflation is global.” What’s more upsetting is the politicians’ unwillingness to attempt to

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Joe Biden sends a delegation of US lawmakers to intervene with Northern Ireland protocol talks.

This week, Joe Biden plans to deploy a delegation of US politicians to the UK and the EU for a series of crucial talks surrounding the Northern Ireland Protocol.  The decision comes after Foreign Secretary Liz Truss revealed plans to rewrite portions of the Northern Ireland Protocol. In a recent statement, EU Vice-President Maros Sefcovic warned that the EU will

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Liz Truss is set to outline intentions to overrule portions of the Northern Ireland protocol tomorrow.  

Foreign Secretary Liz Truss is set to deliver a speech to the House of Commons on Tuesday on the government’s plans to act on the Northern Ireland protocol, with officials apparently readying legislation that may overrule aspects of the Brexit agreement.  A government source said ahead of the announcement that talks with the EU would continue and that no draught

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