Disgruntled MPs organised oust Boris Johnson Nadine Dorries remainers

Nadine Dorries defends the PM, “This is a very well organised campaign” to oust Boris Johnson.

Nadine Dorries Jeremy Hunt Vote of confidence Boris Johnson change

Nadine Dorries blasts Jeremy Hunt, saying if we were under his leadership it would have “been a disaster.” 

Kay Burley Jacob Rees-Mogg Boris Johnson Booed on the steps of St Paul’s Catherdral

You turned the “volume up for your readers – That was a bit miserable really.” Kay Burley mocked by Jacob Rees-mogg over video showing Boris Johnson being booed.

Angry Elderly lady Tiverton Boris Johnson vote of confidence

Angry elderly lady in Tiverton doesn’t hold back as she slams the PM: “one rule for them, and one rule for us – that man should be ashamed of himself”

Nigel Farage gives reaction Confidence voted called Boris Johnson

Nigel Farage states that he isn’t surprised that a vote of confidence has been called on Boris Johnson’s leadership.

VOTE NOW – Do you have confidence in Boris Johnson as Prime Minister?

Vote of confidence Boris Johnson Sir Graham Brady 1922 committee

A vote of confidence triggered against Boris Johnson. The vote will take place between 6-8pm tonight. 

News Bill override the Northern Ireland Protocol Boris Johnson vote of no confidence

Boris Johnson fights off a vote of no confidence as he is set to announce a new bill to override the Northern Ireland Protocol.

Tory MP Tobias Elwood urges Boris Johnson to rejoin the EU Single Market Brexiteers angry

Tobias Ellwood angers Brexiteers after urging Boris to rejoin the EU Single Market to “maximise our Brexit fortunes.”

Brexit Lib Dem Labour pact Ed davey latest boris Johnson

Lib Dems and Labour secretly working together to attempt to oust Boris Johnson in the next General election.

War on Petrol Stations Bori Johnson fuel duty

Boris Johnson declares war on forecourts that don’t pass on the 5p decrease in fuel duty.

Dianne Abbott Boris Johnson twitter Labour MP

Diane Abbott publicly calls for Boris Johnson to resign.

Sue Gray Report poll

The Sue Gray Report should be shredded!

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Lord Frost Boris Johnson economic inflation 1970s UK Politics News Links

Lord Frost fires a warning: Tory ministers “will not survive” if they continue on with this devastating economic path.

Boris Johnson had no knowledges of a party

Boris Johnson was “surprised and disappointed” at what happened after he said goodbye to his former political aide. 

Former top No.10 official ignored repeated warnings, bragging its a “complete non story – we seem to have got away with” having parties and drinks.

Diane Abbott insinuates Boris Johnson is a lawbreaker

While Keir Starmer is under investigation by Durham Police, Diane Abbott continues to insinuate Boris Johnson is a compulsive lawbreaker.

Priti Patel challenged over deporting channel migrants to Rwanda

According to protesters, the government’s intention to deport asylum seekers to Rwanda is “irrational” and “illegal.” 

Keir starmer why are you hiding?

Guilty conscience? Gone into hiding? – Keir Starmer has gone radio silent even though he previously bashed Boris over Partygate.