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VIDEO – Rishi Sunak and Liz Truss say they’ll “Consider a withdrawal” from the ECHR rules.

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Illegal Channel migrant count predicted to top 20,000 within a week.

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Massive asylum centre plan for ex-RAF site in Linton-on-Ouse scrapped

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Godfrey Bloom goes on a tirade about the World Economic Forum being the elephant in the room that no one dares to mention.

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The founder of Migration Watch UK is angry at the continuing state of our southern border. “The integrity of our border has been shot to pieces.”

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VIDEO – French police appear to stand idly by while migrants queue in “broad daylight”, to catch buses to the beach, to wait for people smugglers.

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Conservative candidates to face questions from Tory members over the Channel migrant crisis.

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A record number of migrants cross the English Channel in a single day, as hundreds more arrive.

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Fury as Priti Patel to pay France tens of millions in a bid to stop migrant Channel crossings

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Human traffickers in Iraq have said fewer people will try to reach the UK if the Rwanda policy remains in place.