boris johnsons cuts through eu red tape brexiteers cheer on the uk prime minister

Brexiteers cheer on Boris Johnson to cut through the much hated EU red tape. 

Keir Starmer attempts to gain votes from Brexiteers

Keir Starmer wants you to trust him as he attempts to go Brexity to gain your vote. 

Rwanda asylum seeker flight grounded leftist politicians gloat

Leftist politicians gloat at the grounding of the migrant plane to Rwanda.

Deportation flight to Rwanda CANCELLED after all migrants were removed.

Hundreds of Migrants dover asylum seeker deportation flight Rwanda Kigali

Hundreds of migrants arrive in Dover hours before an asylum-seeker plane is set to leave for Kigali, Rwanda. 

25 Bishops against Rwanda policy

According to 25 COE Bishops the Rwanda policy “should shame us as a nation.”

High Court Ruling Rwanda Migrant deportation flight

After a High Court ruling, the first migrant one-way deportation flight to Rwanda is expected to take off today.

Prince Charles Rwanda Boris Johnson Asylum seekers Channel Crisis

Prince Charles criticises the UK Governments Rwanda Policy saying its “appalling”

High Court Legal challenges stop the deportation of asylum seekers leaving the UK.

Ben and Jerry’s Rwanda deportation row

“We want an asylum system rooted in kindness and compassion, not cruelty and hostility” Radio host blasts Ben and Jerry’s for getting involved the Rwanda deportation row.

“Parliament should make the law, not courts” Peter Bone MP clashes with the head of a migrant charity.

Charities and Unions club together to derail the first Channel migrant deportation flight to Rwanda.

Over Ten thousand illegal migrants cross the English Channel by small boat this year

More than 10,000 migrants have crossed the Channel into Britain illegally so far this year, double the amount compared to last year.

Linton-on-Ouse to house asylum seekers at raf base put on hold court challenge home office

Plans to accommodate asylum seekers at an RAF facility in Linton-on-Ouse put on hold after legal challenge triggered.

Home office Linton-on-Ouse asylum seekers

Uncovered – Boris Johnson’s government spends £5 Million a day to accommodate asylum seekers in 30,000 hotel rooms.

Highest Asylum application approval rates illegal migrant channel crossing Brexit news eu latest

Asylum application approvals rates in Britain have rocketed to the highest rate since 1990.

Priti Patel challenged over deporting channel migrants to Rwanda

According to protesters, the government’s intention to deport asylum seekers to Rwanda is “irrational” and “illegal.” 

Nigel Farage slams Boris Johnson for not curbing illegal and net immigration after Brexit.

“This is the biggest Brexit betrayal” Nigel Farage slams Boris Johnson for failing to curb immigration after Brexit.

Migrant charity stops first Channel deportation flight to Rwanda.

Channel crisis – Over 8,000 migrants have arrived in the UK this year by crossing the English Channel in tiny boats.