Nigel Farage was right, migrants are throwing their mobile phones in the English Channel heading to Britain.

Migrant flights to Rwanda delayed due to legal challenges.

Illegal Migrants continue to flood across the English Channel from France.

The Conservative immigration strategy is “racist and anti-migrant,” according to a Labour MP.

Citizen reporter Steve Laws claims villages are being set up to house asylum seekers.

Chairman of Migration Watch criticises the report that only 2% of migrants who cross the Channel will be sent back to Rwanda.

New study finds only 2% of those who enter the UK illegally by the Channel will be sent to Rwanda.

Migrants in Calais say they’ll stay in France after finding out they’ll be sent to Rwanda on a one way ticket if they enter Britain illegally.

Diane Abbott claims Priti Patels plans to protect Britain’s Borders is “pandering to racists”

The Archbishop of Canterbury goes political on Easter, “There are serious ethical questions about sending asylum seekers overseas.”

Labour’s Sadiq Khan attempts to make the case why its ok to enter the UK illegally to seek asylum.

Labour’s David Lammy clashes with caller who wants to ban all migrants who come to Britain illegally from claiming asylum.

Former UK Border Force chief states Boris Johnson’s plan to send illegal migrants on a one-way trip to Rwanda “is an absolute winner.”

Boris Johnson prepares for a lefty backlash after the government plans to send those who come to the UK illegally to Rwanda for processing.  

Lefties kick off after Boris keeps tight-lipped on his new immigration processing outsourcing plan.

Nigel Farage slams the Home Office who allowed a Taliban torturer to seek refuge in Britain.

Nigel Farage sounds the alarm, 100k illegal migrants could reach Britains shores in 2022.