Tag: Cost of Living Crisis

Tory MP calls for an investigation into the Bank of England after they “comprehensively underestimated the inflationary threat.”

The Bank of England, which was established independent of the government by Gordon Brown, has been slammed by a former senior cabinet member for failing to grasp the danger presented to the British economy.  At the same time, Chancellor Rishi Sunak has appointed another anti-Brexit economist to the bank’s board,

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Senior Conservatives say Boris Johnson must pressure Chancellor Rishi Sunak to lower taxes or remove him.  

The Prime Minister is also facing requests for an emergency budget to combat the rising cost of living. The Tories want Mr Sunak to rescind last month’s national insurance hike to assist promote economic development.  The Tories lost nearly 400 council seats throughout England, including Barnet, Wandsworth, and Westminster in London. Even if Tory MPs believed

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Angela Rayner told to stop using “unreliable” figures to prop up Labours local election campaign.

Angela Rayner has been told to cease repeating “unreliable” assertions that Britons are £2,620 worse off due to rising living costs. After the Deputy Labour Leader tweeted about increasing costs and their impact on people’s wallets. In a tweet posted by Labour shadow ministers, Ms Rayner claimed the Conservatives had

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