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Matt Hancock allegedly withheld key papers from Boris Johnson which extended the country wide lockdown for a further five weeks.

Dan Wootton of GB News had an interview with Matt Hancock, the former UK Health Secretary.    During the lengthy conversation, several topics were discussed, but one that was brought up again was the 5-week extension of lockdown, which postponed freedom day. During the discussion, Dan Wootton brought up a news item claiming that the lockdown was extended because Matt

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Boris states that his brush with COVID didn’t taint his decision-making during the pandemic.  

Boris Johnson revealed on GB News today how he became seriously ill with COVID 19. The PM was reluctant to speak into depth about what happened and how he felt at first, but he eventually did. Boris hasn’t said much about his experience with COVID, but he did mention the two NHS nurses who saved his life and helped him maintain

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“Is it simply a coincidence that there is a large coronavirus in that facility in Wuhan?” BBC presenter probes Dr Fauci on the origins of C-19.  

Anthony Fauci, who has been in hiding for the past several weeks after Pfizer data was released demonstrating enormous health concerns related with their covid shots, was questioned whether we would ever get the truth about where covid 19 originated from in an appearance on BBC politics this morning.  Mr Covid (Anthony Fauci) responded by saying that owing to limits

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