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Slamming Boris Johnson’s plan to pull the Northern Ireland Protocol, pro-EU remainer David Lammy calls it “wrong, shortsighted and ill-judged.”

Boris Johnson has been accused by Labour of attempting to start a trade war with the European Union, which would only worsen the UK’s cost of living issue.  Government threats to rip up the Northern Ireland Protocol, according to Shadow Foreign Secretary David Lammy, have arrived at “the worst possible

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Labour’s David Lammy clashes with caller who wants to ban all migrants who come to Britain illegally from claiming asylum.

The left has been spinning in its seats since Boris stated that he will push for proposals to fly illegal migrants who enter the UK illegally on a one-way flight to Rwanda for processing. During an LBC interview, Labour’s David Lammy argued with a caller who was opposed to people

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David Lammy, the condescending Labour MP, loses his cool with a schoolteacher for daring to endorse the Prime Minister, saying, “I’m jolly pleased that you don’t teach my kids.”

During a heated exchange between a secondary school teacher and Labour MP David Lammy, the Labour MP mocked the teacher for daring to back Boris Johnson at a time when the left are attempting to oust the PM. When Lammy tried to demean and attempt to make the teacher look bad for

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