January 6th committee hearing will not change minds.

Leftist media say minds will not be changed as the January 6th committee hearing gets underway

Hillary Clintons Former Campaign manager testifies in court

Hillary Clinton thrown under the bus as her former campaign manager testifies before the Court saying that she gave her approval to release unverified information to the press regarding Trump and Russia. 

Elon Musk shocks the left after stating he will be voting for the Republicans due to the “Division and Hate” in the Democratic Party.

Trump’s permanent Twitter ban will be reversed states Elon Musk.

Dominic Cummings states Biden is “mentally frail” and “rubbish”

Trump releases shocking presidential election voting day documentary teaser “2000 mules” during his rally in Ohio.

NEWS FLASH – Watch Trump Rally Live from Delaware, OH, USA

Nigel Farage destroys Piers Morgan’s “fake news” interview with Donald Trump. 

REVEALED – Durham’s probe into the fake Russian collusion finds the CIA knew Hillary Clintons laywer was providing fake information.

Trump eyes up reversing Joe Biden policies “on day one when the next president sets foot in the Oval Office”

Fake dossier exposed – Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign and the DMC fined $113,000.

The logic behind Trump’s lawsuit against the deep state, according to a former US government official ” is to get to discovery…”

Trump sues Hilary Clinton and her associates over ‘Russia collusion’ hoax.