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Arlene Foster blasts Brussels, saying the EU has its “heads in sand,” leaving Northern Ireland in disarray.

Due to the European Union’s refusal to renegotiate, the United Kingdom is likely to abandon the Northern Ireland agreement completely.  As political volatility increases, Boris Johnson’s government and the European Union have hit a deadlock on the Northern Ireland Protocol. Concerned about the Protocol, the unionist DUP has refused to

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Plans to abolish VAT from British energy bills have been scuttled because of a clause in the Northern Ireland Protocol.

According to DUP MP Sammy Wilson, skyrocketing energy prices for British citizens are being hindered because of the Northern Ireland Brexit agreement.  According to the Northern Irish MP, the Brexit Protocol has stopped Chancellor Rishi Sunak from taking tangible measures to remove VAT from UK energy costs. In an interview

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“We will not put up with the subjugation of our rights as citizens of the United Kingdom,” the DUP leader blasts the Northern Ireland Protocol. 

The DUP’s leader delivered a powerful speech against the Northern Ireland Protocol during a rally in Ballymoney. Mr Donaldson remarked that he and others are unified in their support for the abolition of the Northern Ireland Protocol so that the United Kingdom is not divided as it is now.  During

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