Russia cut gas flow to France

Russian gas flow to France cut off.

North Sea gas investment

North Sea gas investment continues despite the UK governments windfall tax on energy companies.

Labour releases UK energy plan

Tinpot wish list: Labour release their UK energy plan with gas being non-existent. 

Angela Rayner told to stop using “unreliable” figures to prop up Labours local election campaign.

EU divided, as heads of member states clash over energy supply crisis.

Boris Johnson releases a new strategy to secure UK Energy, “This will reduce our dependence on power sources exposed to volatile international prices we cannot control”

Viktor Orban rebels against the EU’s plan to cut off Russian gas supplies to the bloc stating it would “Kill Hungary”.

Deutsche Bank forecasts a massive recession in the US in 2023.

Merkel blasted for leaving Germany too dependent on Russian gas without a back-up plan.  

Energy emergency – Boris Johnson pushes to give the green light to fracking in Britain this week.

“Absolutely…” We need to keep to the plan for Net Zero regardless of the hardship claims Labour MP.

While Labour bash the government over energy costs, their record regarding securing Britains energy is shocking.

ECB Alarm bells ring – EU hit with eye-watering levels of inflation with one member state hitting 15.6%.

“I don’t think I’ll be alive for Christmas,” says an elderly British veteran who has been left in the cold.

Woke GB News presenter ushered off wealth adviser who stated climate change doesn’t exist on live TV.

Keir Starmer’s windfall tax plan in bits after it falls short on scrutiny.

NEW REPORT – Gazprom shuts down vital gas supply to Germany.

HYPOCRITE – Labours Miliband states hell fight to introduce a windfall tax on energy firms to help with price hikes, yet he wants to keep the green levy?