Russia cut gas flow to France

Russian gas flow to France cut off.

Macron’s dream of a “United States of Europe” shattered after EU member states rebel against losing their sovereign powers.

CLASHES – Tens of thousands of protestors flocked to the streets throughout France on May Day. 

Angry French pelt President Emmanuel Macron with tomatoes only a few days after he was re-elected.

Migrants in Calais say they’ll stay in France after finding out they’ll be sent to Rwanda on a one way ticket if they enter Britain illegally.

WATCH LIVE – Results of the French Presidential Race.

Conveniently timed investigation triggered into Marine Le Pen by the EU fraud agency just days before she faces off with Emmanuel Macron in the French Presidential election.

Boris Johnson prepares for a lefty backlash after the government plans to send those who come to the UK illegally to Rwanda for processing.  

Marine Le Pen has been labelled “Brussels’ worst nightmare” by Nigel Farage as the French elections heat up.

Macron’s popularity crumbles as France goes into the first round of voting.

With the French election approaching, Marine Le Pen has taken an early lead in the most recent election poll.

Nigel Farage sounds the alarm, 100k illegal migrants could reach Britains shores in 2022.

Macron and Putin react to Joe Bidens spontaneous outburst, “For God’s sake, this man cannot remain in power.”