“Elizabeth the last”, lefty Journalist states the Queen should be ousted. 

Nigel Farage clashes with insulate Britain representative who blames Britain for global CO2 emissions.

Lord Frost claims London has been “left with no choice” than to alter the NI Protocol or abandon it entirely.  

If Sinn Fein wins in Northern Ireland, it will be a “catastrophe” for unionism and the UK.

Nigel Farage was right, migrants are throwing their mobile phones in the English Channel heading to Britain.

Ann Widdecombe slams the Macron, telling Boris to toughen up, ”We paid the millions and still the migrants came.”

Nigel asks if the P&O Ferry failure was down to hiring cheap agency staff who are not up to the job?

Matt Hancock allegedly withheld key papers from Boris Johnson which extended the country wide lockdown for a further five weeks.

Nigel Farage destroys Piers Morgan’s “fake news” interview with Donald Trump. 

Car crash interview – Extinction Rebellion activist has difficulty answering questions on climate change.

Former UK Border Force chief states Boris Johnson’s plan to send illegal migrants on a one-way trip to Rwanda “is an absolute winner.”

Boris states that his brush with COVID didn’t taint his decision-making during the pandemic.  

“I don’t think I’ll be alive for Christmas,” says an elderly British veteran who has been left in the cold.

Woke GB News presenter ushered off wealth adviser who stated climate change doesn’t exist on live TV.

According to a loony “just stop oil” activists, We’re all going to die if we don’t stop using oil. 

Brexit powers to be used to slap down P&O Ferries “sweatshop pay” plan for workers.

Sharron Davies, an Olympic medalist, speaks out against Lia Thomas engaging in female sports.