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As the Labour uprising intensifies, Diane Abbott uses an embarrassing video to reveal Starmer’s total hypocrisy.

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Sir Keir Starmer was discovered to have violated the MPs’ code of conduct.

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We ‘want to keep the socialists out!’ Mogg states it would “be devastating” for the UK under a Starmer premiership.

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According to the Unite head, the Labour Party is “sticking two fingers up” at working people.

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Labour’s Internal War ‘What Starmer should do, if he’s serious about getting in government, is have a clear out…’

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INTERNAL WAR – Fired Labour frontbencher says it is time to “fight back” and “reclaim the party.”

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Seminal moment! As a result of the union backlash after Tarry’s dismissal, Labour is in danger of becoming bankrupt.

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Frontbencher for Labour, disobeys Starmer’s order to stay away from picket lines.

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“Starmer is absolutely CRAP” A Labour voter confirms she’ll be voting Conservative in the next election.

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Diane Abbott takes a scathing dig at Keir Starmer’s U-turn as Labour descends into a conflict of its own making.

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A fuming Liverpudlian woman destroys Labour’s Keir Starmer in a brutal face-to-face take down – VIDEO