Poll suggests Labour is losing support due to Sir Keir Starmer’s “beergate” controversy.

Keir Starmer is in a right mess – The Wakefield Labour Party executive committee resign en masse amid differences over candidates for the by-election.

Checkmate – Keir Starmer set his own rules and his own rules have cought him out.

Emily Thornberry accuses the Tories of using an “attack unit” to smear Keir Starmer.

Keir Starmer has literally smashed his own glass house.

Keir Starmer continues to state “No rules were broken!” then claims he will resign if he is found to broken rules.

Gone into hiding? – Keir Starmer cancels key speech event.

Talk TV host shuts down caller, labeling him a conspiracy theorist after claiming the Lib-Lab-Con are controlled by the New World Order

‘BEERGATE’ Reaction – “Its the rank double standards that drives people crazy”

Leaked Documents revealed Keir Starmer pre-planned his curry night with Labour activists.

By his own standards, Keir Starmer needs to resign after Durham Police open criminal investigation into “Beergate”

Starmer to be investigated by Durham Police.

According to Keir Starmer Questioning his Beer and Pizza party in Durham is “classic mudslinging from the Tories.” 

Starmer claims having a political endorsement from Tony Blair is “very important, and very valuable.”

Keir Starmer states “It was an honest mistake” to lie and tell the press that Angela Rayner didn’t attend Durham’s Beer and Pizza party.

Labour Keir Starmer Angela Rayner Durham Police Questionnaire

Bang to rights – How did Angela Rayner think she could keep her lockdown party truth from voters?

Durham Police to re-examine Keir Starmer drinks and takeaway lock-in during lockdown.

Keir Starmer attemps to explain away questions around him drinking a beer and having takeaway when lockdown rules were in place.

Starmer squirms after being asked multiple times if he was wrong to campaign for Jeremy Corbyn.

Andrew Neil highlights that even with partygate Labour have nothing to offer.