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Ultra Remainer Keir Starmer attempts to meddle in NI Protocol talks as he holds discussions with Biden’s team.

Sir Keir Starmer has met with a group from the United States to negotiate a “working” agreement between the EU and the Northern Ireland Executive.  On Saturday, Keir Starmer met with a group from the House Ways and Means Committee headed by Representative Richard Neal. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s comments on a possible US-UK trade pact in the wake of

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Labour claime to be on the side of the working people, but are they?

Angela Rayner claims “Labour is on your side,” despite the fact that Labour-controlled councils continue to reduce services and raise council tax.

While Labour continues to beat the drum that something must be done to address the rising cost of living, they remain relatively mute on their long-term plans for bringing Britain out of its present financial crisis. The only short-term proposal they appear to be proposing is a windfall tax on energy firms, which, although appealing, is a drop in the

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“He isn’t a Wakefield local.” Keir Starmer clashes with local supporters after declaring Labour’s Wakefield candidate is a “champion for his local community.”

Sir Keir Starmer told his supporters during his leadership campaign that he would help local party members choose their candidates for every election. Unfortunately for Wakefield Labour supporters, this is not the case, since the Labour National Executive Committee overruled the local party to impose their candidate. According to reports, this candidate had run in four prior elections in various locations and

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A Labour source states the PLP are “Shi**ing themselves” over being fined for Beergate.

After being told that there is a 60% chance of Keir Starmer escaping a fine from Durham Police for the beer and curry he had with colleagues during lockdown, a Labour insider told Guido Fawkes that they are really “sh***ing themselves” over being fined for Beergate. An unnamed source told Guido that not only has Keir Starmer put Lord Falconer

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Labour’s Ed Miliband states “I Don’t Think Starmer Will Be Fined for Beergate”.

Former Labour leader Ed Miliband claims Keir Starmer will not be found to have broken rules. This morning Mr Miliband was on the BBC politics show being questioned about Keir Starmers hypocrisy when he himself had pre-arranged beers and curry under lockdown rules during the Durham by-election. Ed said: ”I Don’t Think Starmer Will Be Fined for Beergate”.

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Sadiq Khan told to get back to London to sort out crime rather than “schmoozing” in the US.

An accusation levelled against Sadiq Khan is that he’s “schmoozing” when the Tube is undergoing “financial turmoil” and violent crime in the city is “hurtling” towards near-record levels.  There’s been a recent trip to the United States by London Mayor Sadiq Khan to promote the city’s tourist industry, he says. However, Charlie Peters, a writer and broadcaster, branded the trip a

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