Starmer claims having a political endorsement from Tony Blair is “very important, and very valuable.”

Keir Starmer states “It was an honest mistake” to lie and tell the press that Angela Rayner didn’t attend Durham’s Beer and Pizza party.

Labour Keir Starmer Angela Rayner Durham Police Questionnaire

Bang to rights – How did Angela Rayner think she could keep her lockdown party truth from voters?

The Conservative immigration strategy is “racist and anti-migrant,” according to a Labour MP.

Durham Police to re-examine Keir Starmer drinks and takeaway lock-in during lockdown.

Woke Khan has a meltdown after Elon Musk purchases the leftist playground Twitter.

Keir Starmer attemps to explain away questions around him drinking a beer and having takeaway when lockdown rules were in place.

Starmer squirms after being asked multiple times if he was wrong to campaign for Jeremy Corbyn.

SNP MP Ian Blackford tells David Lammy on LBC that “It’s over” for Boris…

Andrew Neil highlights that even with partygate Labour have nothing to offer.

Keir Starmer is urging left-wing Conservatives to join him and Labour in voting tomorrow to bring Boris Johnson to the privileges committee to be publicly grilled.

Grandstanding Keir Starmer, who made out he was brighter than white must have forgotten about his rule breaking event caught on camera.

Canvassing wars continue in Birmingham as the Tories make Labour flee the streets.

Diane Abbott claims Priti Patels plans to protect Britain’s Borders is “pandering to racists”

Left Wing Keir Starmer calls on the government to place injunctions on Lefty Eco Warriors Just Stop Oil.

NEWS FORUM UPDATE – Sitting Labour councillor and Labour Candidate attack voter whilst out canvassing.

Ben Bradley MP destroys Gary Neville after the ex-footballer and Labour member criticised the PM’s plan to tackle illegal Migration.

Labour run council push to rename the Gladstone Park in London to Diane Abbott Park.

Labour’s Sadiq Khan attempts to make the case why its ok to enter the UK illegally to seek asylum.

Labour’s David Lammy clashes with caller who wants to ban all migrants who come to Britain illegally from claiming asylum.