Sinn Fein leader accuses Boris Johnson of “playing games” with Ireland for the sake of unionism.

Slamming Boris Johnson’s plan to pull the Northern Ireland Protocol, pro-EU remainer David Lammy calls it “wrong, shortsighted and ill-judged.”

Arlene Foster blasts Brussels, saying the EU has its “heads in sand,” leaving Northern Ireland in disarray.

Pro EU supporter, Simon Coveney, told the border issue is in a “mess” thanks to Ireland and the EU.

Lord Frost blasts US President “sleepy” Joe Biden, saying the UK “doesn’t need lectures” on the Northern Ireland Protocol.

EU Vice President, Maros Sefcovic, refuses to compromise on the Northern Ireland Protocol. 

Theresa May warns Boris Johnson against adjusting the Northern Ireland Protocol.

Tomorrow, Liz Truss and the EU will square off on the lingering tensions surrounding the Northern Ireland Protocol.

Lord Hannan warns the EU. “The UK Government has no option but to suspend parts of the Northern Ireland Protocol”

Lord Frost claims London has been “left with no choice” than to alter the NI Protocol or abandon it entirely.  

Gove and Sunak are allegedly blocking Liz Truss as she attempts to dismantle the Northern Ireland Protocol. 

If Sinn Fein wins in Northern Ireland, it will be a “catastrophe” for unionism and the UK.

Boris states he is ready to take action against the Northern Ireland Protocol once new legislation is introduced.

Plans to abolish VAT from British energy bills have been scuttled because of a clause in the Northern Ireland Protocol.

“Remainers are regrouping” – Lord Frost warns of “Ultra-Remainers” plot to use Northern Ireland Protocol to pull Britain closer to the EU.

“We will not put up with the subjugation of our rights as citizens of the United Kingdom,” the DUP leader blasts the Northern Ireland Protocol. 

Anti protocol campaigner tells Dublin “You are neither wanted nor welcome in this sovereign British territory.”