Russia cut gas flow to France

Russian gas flow to France cut off.

Hillary Clintons Former Campaign manager testifies in court

Hillary Clinton thrown under the bus as her former campaign manager testifies before the Court saying that she gave her approval to release unverified information to the press regarding Trump and Russia. 

Greenpeace protestors prevent oil tanker holding 33,000 tonnes of Russian diesel from docking at Navigator Terminals in Grays, Essex.

Back of the queue – Emmanuel Macron finally reaches out to Boris Johnson after snubbing the UK for 12 days in favour of Vladimir Putin and Joe Biden.

UK to revoke Moscow Stock Exchange’s recognised status 

Lord Frost slams EU saying if they spent less time attacking Brexit and more time watching Russia maybe we wouldn’t be in this mess.

EU divided, as heads of member states clash over energy supply crisis.

Russia, Olaf scholz, German, Russia

German Chancellor put on the spot after being questioned on the EU’s continued reliance on buying Russian gas.

GOP Lawmaker claims Joe Biden cognitive health may be used as an excuse to clear him from Hunter Bidens alleged dealings with foreign nations.

Viktor Orban rebels against the EU’s plan to cut off Russian gas supplies to the bloc stating it would “Kill Hungary”.

Deutsche Bank forecasts a massive recession in the US in 2023.

Merkel blasted for leaving Germany too dependent on Russian gas without a back-up plan.  

NEW REPORT – Gazprom shuts down vital gas supply to Germany.

EU left vulnerable after Putin threatens to switch off the bloc’s gas supply unless Brussels pay in Ruble.

EU in serious difficulty after President Putin issues an order to only accept Russian Rubles from unfriendly states for Russian gas.

We will not ”destroy ourselves for them” Hungarian PM Viktor Orban reacts after Ukrainian President Zelensky accuses him of being to close to President Putin.

Macron and Putin react to Joe Bidens spontaneous outburst, “For God’s sake, this man cannot remain in power.”

Trump sues Hilary Clinton and her associates over ‘Russia collusion’ hoax.