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Keir Starmer is in a right mess – The Wakefield Labour Party executive committee resign en masse amid differences over candidates for the by-election.

Members of the Wakefield Constituency Labour Party’s executive committee all quit after a disagreement about how to choose candidates. Former Conservative MP Imran Ahman Khan gave up his Wakefield seat after he was found guilty of sexually abusing a 15-year-old child. An internal squabble inside the Wakefield Constituency Labour Party

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Lord Frost throws his full support behind the PM saying Boris is the only leader who can defeat the Labour Party at the next General Election.

Boris Johnson, according to the former Brexit Secretary Lord Frost, is the only leader who has a chance of beating Labour in the next general election.  Lord Frost is one of many Tory MPs who have placed their complete confidence behind the Prime Minister at a time when the leftist

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Lying Labour exposed – Dan Wootton rips to shreds the lefts latest ploy to bring down Boris Johnson with deceptive propaganda.

With the Labour Party’s poll numbers plummeting after a false high, the left is now attempting to topple Boris Johnson via deceptive propaganda.  This sudden campaign by the left, backed by the mainstream media, seems to be a calculated attempt to smear conservatives ahead of the May elections. It makes

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